Pool is updated to wallet version 1.6.1
In case you didnt know here are some static difficulty ports.

diff. - port
131072 - 30258 NEW
65536 - 30259 NEW
32768 - 30262
16384 - 30263
8192 - 30264
4096 - 30269
2048 - 30268
1024 - 30267
512 - 30266
256 - 30265
Vardiff 16-1024 - 3026

Coin Specifications for Gulden
Coin Name Gulden
Blocktime 2.50 Minutes
Symbol NLG
Algorithm SCRYPT
Coin Maturity 120
Maximum Coins 1,700,000,000
Block Halving Every 840,000
Block Reward Started at 100
Premine % 10%
Premine QTY 170,000,000 (Used for giveaways! Trustworthy DEVs and good community.)
Wallet updated.
posted 12/14/2016 09:21:47 by hardcoreminers

The wallet for Guldencoin is updated to version 1.6.x.

Please download the new wallet, it will become effective at block 437500.

Updated to 1.5.5
posted 11/19/2015 18:30:04 by hardcoreminers

Pool is updated to the just released 1.5.5 source.

Please do the same and download the new client at: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=554412.0

Happy mining!

posted 09/22/2014 08:59:03 by hardcoreminers


Hello everyone,

A few days ago I posted that we were thinking about changing our difficulty re-adjustment algorithm from KGW to DGW3. The main reason for this upgrade is the swing in blocktimes caused by jumping miners. I promised to give an update today.

Meanwhile, there has been some discussion about other methods that could also be beneficial to Guldencoin. BTM’s long coin maturity is an interesting idea that might make it into the coin when more discussion has taken place. For now we believe the change from KGW to DGW3 is the first thing we need to do and we hope it will be enough to stabilize the network blocktime.

Another thing has popped up that needs to be taken care of.

Protocol version revert
When KGW was added to Guldencoin, the protocol version was used to reject old software from the network. This means that the protocol version is not in sync anymore with Litecoin and Bitcoin protocols. We would like to have it in sync again as this will make development easier and documentation for the given versions in the other coins will still apply to Guldencoin that way.

Version 1.3
Main changes are DGW3 and the protocol version revert and because of these changes, we need to perform a hard fork in the network. The new software version number will be 1.3 and it won’t be able to connect with pre-1.3 software. Updating your wallet is mandatory!

The plan
Times are CEST timezone (UTC+0200)
Thursday 25th of September we will cause a hard fork.
18:30 we will start by shutting down the seeds one by one.
19:00 the last seed will be shut down, the last block known by this seed will be the last KGW block.
19:01 We will hard code the next block number into the new software and start compilation of the guldencoind (software ran on the seeds).
19:05 We will start compiling the guldencoin-qt wallet for Windows and Mac OSx.
19:15 First seed is started with the new 1.3 software, other seeds follow one by one.
19:16 We test the guldencoin-qt wallet with the new network
19:17 New software source code is pushed to Github.
19:20 The new guldencoin-qt wallet is published on the website and available for download.

We will keep everyone updated about the process through a topic in the forums.

Exchanges, payment providers, etc.
We advise operators for automated systems to suspend processing the chain 2014-09-25 18:00:00 until the new wallet (v1.3) has been installed. We will approach as many operators as we can to inform them of these plans.

The Guldencoin Team

Topic about this on the Guldencoin forum: https://forum.guldencoin.com/index.php?topic=548.msg4668

Minor update.
posted 09/13/2014 09:40:04 by hardcoreminers

Hello Miners,

I'm doing another action on Guldencoin again!
All users mining on http://nlg.hardcoreminers.com will receive 2% extra NLG on top of the payout and the blockfinder gets an additional 10 NLG for a while since it was my B-Day some days ago and i didnt give you any treat! Thats my present to you! Must be insane with these prices :)

Oh yeah, also NO FEES during this time :)

In case you didnt notice i also added some static difficulty ports.

diff.  -  port
4096 - 30269
2048 - 30268
1024 -30266
512 - 30266
256 - 30265   <- new since just now (good for Gridseeds?)
Vardiff 16-1024 - 3026  

King regards,


Penalty prices!
posted 07/06/2014 12:26:14 by hardcoreminers

Hello Miners,

I'm doing another action on Guldencoin again!

All users mining on http://nlg.hardcoreminers.com will receive 5% extra NLG for a while since the Netherlands won at soccer yesterday and are going to the Semi Finals.
Thats a nice penalty price for you!

Also more and more merchants are accepting Guldencoin, check the thread to see which ones. Have you been watching Bittrex lately, who knows where this coin will go?

King regards,


posted 06/10/2014 13:01:09 by hardcoreminers

Hello all,

Some of you might have noticed but we migrated the Guldencoin pool yesterday to another server and incorporated our new V1.5 template.

It brings some new pool features with it. As of now you can see new notifications on top of the page when we have a special notification like launching a new coin or doing a promotional offer.
If you visit http://nlg.hardcoreminers.com now you will see that there is another 5% extra NLG (for next 2 days) on top of your payout.

In the sidebar you can see a list of our other coins. Not every coin is there but eventually they will be once we migrated all other coins to the new theme. On the main frontpage you will now see the coin specs instead of only news.

I value your input so if you have any suggestions on how we can enhance our service or theme then please let me know.

You can write to me in English or Dutch. Hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,


posted 05/22/2014 10:52:13 by hardcoreminers

We have a newborn in the family!
To celebrate this special occasion i'm awarding 5% EXTRA NLG to each user top of their payout mining at https://nlg.hardcoreminers.com
Will be effective immediatly! (Will run until the weekend).

posted 04/25/2014 21:13:06 by hardcoreminers

I'm awarding 5% EXTRA NLG to each user mining at https://nlg.hardcoreminers.com
Will be effective immediatly! (will run during Kingsday, dutch holiday)

There is also an Android wallet!!!!

Do you like it?

posted 04/24/2014 12:36:01 by hardcoreminers

I've implemented a new stratum server last night and it seems it handles its job more then well :)
Pool efficiency has gone up and the stratum is nice and fast.

Happy mining.

What to do if you are on the wrong blockchain.
posted 04/21/2014 22:00:22 by hardcoreminers

There is a new wallet version released tonight on http://guldencoin.com
It has builtin checkpoint for the right wallet.

What you need to do:

1. Close the current wallet.
2. Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Guldencoin (or wherever your wallet is located, depends on which Windows OS you are).
3. Backup wallet.dat to a different folder.
4. Delete everything from the folder except your wallet.dat.
5. Run the new wallet from http://guldencoin.com and let it download the blockchain.

posted 04/21/2014 07:05:19 by hardcoreminers

There were various forks today in the blockchain. After hours of puzzling this afternoon with the devs we decided to take a certain fork because the main chain wasn't progressing. After that being fixed there was another fork a couple of hours later.!

What to do. What to do. Decided to go on the same chain as miners-pool.com since us both are the biggest pools out here for this coin. Your wallet should be on the same chain, you can check the block height if you go to https://nlg.hardcoreminers.com/index.php?page=statistics&action=pool. IF your wallet and the pools wallet don't match up then contact me immediatly!
I will personally assist you to sort this issue.

My btctalk username is: hardcoreminers
ID is: 298984
Email to contact me is: hardcoreminers.com at gmail.com

Easter bonus!
posted 04/20/2014 14:48:20 by hardcoreminers

I'm awarding 5% EXTRA NLG to each user at https://nlg.hardcoreminers.com
Will be effective immediatly! (will run during easter!)

Previous action was 50 extra NLG to each blockfinder, i think this was a bit unfair because the people with higher hashrates found the blocks. Now everyone has an equal opportunity. The 5% is based on your payout for that round. So if you have a 100 NLG payout you will get 5 NLG extra as a bonus for free!

So spread the word to friends, if we have more miners = more blocks = more profit = you rich!

posted 04/19/2014 19:41:28 by hardcoreminers

Updated pool to wallet 1010300 version.
It includes a fix for the KGW blocktime.

Please download the new wallet (links are on Bitcointalk) before block 33300.
If you don't do it there will be a chance that new coins don't show up in your wallet. If you update they will :)
If you updated after this block (while running the wallet) there is a possibility that you will have to redownload the blockchain on your pc.

Promotion ended
posted 04/08/2014 10:47:16 by hardcoreminers

Bonus ended.

Maybe there will be something like this later week...
Stay tuned.

Extra bonus
posted 04/06/2014 20:24:33 by hardcoreminers

I'm awarding 50 EXTRA NLG to each blockfinder who finds a block at https://nlg.hardcoreminers.com
Will be effective immediatly! (will run for some hours/a day/maybe more!)

So spread the word to friends, if we have more miners = more blocks = more profit = you rich!

posted 04/04/2014 20:35:55 by hardcoreminers

Algorithm:  scrypt PoW KGW
Transaction confirmations:  6
Total coins:  1700M
Premine:  170M (+/- 10%)
Starting diff:  0.00244
Block reward:  1000 NLG
Block time:  150 seconds
Retarget:  576 blocks (KGW)
Reward halving interval:  840.000 blocks